Welcome to the new Prime Choice Website!

Greetings Prime Choice Candidates!  

First of all congratulations on being selected to participate in Prime Choice!  I will say this over and over, but I think it is important that you realize how special it is to be a part of this group.  Of the 340 outstanding GMs we have here at US Beef, we chose 34.  That's the top 10% for all of you math wizards...and that IS a big deal.  So congrats!

This website is designed to keep you organized and connected throughout the program.  I promised Class 1 that we would have a website and not coming through for them went down as one of my biggest disappointments for 2015.  So I spent a lot of time over Christmas break working hard to get it ready for you guys.   

This is my first attempt at web design.  So if I break something, there is a 89.4% chance I won't know how to fix it.  I'm kidding...sort of. 

I want to break down a few of the more useful aspects of this site.  Here we go:

  • Program>Schedule- This infographic will give you a good idea of what to expect throughout the program.  It does not go into specific dates but general time frames are provided if you need to use when planning a vacation or PTO.  We don't want you to miss anything fun!
  • Candidates>Roster- This list will provide the names, regions and restaurant numbers of the candidates.  This list is accessible to anyone that comes to USBCPrimeChoice.com.  You can show off to your friends and family!
  • Resources>Bo's Blog- If you are reading this...you found it.  Holla!!!  I will post stuff here from time to time including program updates, links to articles and things that are on my mind that might ignite some discussion.  Feel free to leave comments!
  • Resources>Calendar- If the schedule section (mentioned above) gives you an overview, this section gives you the specifics.  Check it out to make sure you don't miss a thing!
  • Resources>Schedule Time With Bo- By clicking this link it will take you to a personal scheduling page that I have set up.  You will use this link when signing up for your 1:1 Meetings.  It's simple and straightforward.
  • Contact-   In this section you will find a link to the contact information of your fellow candidates.  If working on a group project or if you want advice, need to vent, ask a question...whatever, feel free to use this list!  This section of the site is password protected.  I will give you and a few US Beef leaders and administrators access to this section.  If you DO NOT want your contact info stored on this site, please let me know. You will also find all of my contact information here.  There is also a black box that you can click that will allow you to send me a quick message at any time.  Click the box, fill out the required form, and you're good to go!

We will go over the site in more detail at the GM Kick-Off Event.  Until then...

Be Proud, Be Humble, Be Helpful & Always Represent,