Promotion Alert!!!

Greetings Prime Choice!  I am so excited to announce the promotion of Verna Walker to District Manager of Region 2!  Verna was the GM of our McAlester, OK location.  Verna has worked in several restaurants throughout Region 2 and she has a knack for pulling stores out of rough situations and getting them back on track.  

I reached out to Jeannie Seaton, the Director of Region 2, and when I asked her why she decided to promote Verna Walker she had this to say:

"Why promote Verna Walker???!!!  Simply because she is Verna Walker.  Verna has always been the big sister or go to person for new or struggling GMs. Verna has passion and love for the job, tireless work ethic, and the ability to recognize opportunities on a shift or in the unit. She also has an incredible ability to recognize and train top talent."

That is high praise coming from Ms. Jeannie!  Verna, we are all proud of you and we know that you will do great things for Region 2 and US Beef!

Be Proud

Be Humble

Be Helpful

Always Represent



PS- Sorry I am tardy Verna!