Promotion Alert!!!

The hot streak continues for Prime Choice Class #2!  Mr. Eric Perryman has been promoted out of Region 5 to District Manager!  Way to go Eric!  Here is what his Director Karen had to say when I reached out to her:

Eric started with USBeef 2 years ago.  He was hired as a assistant manager and within 12 weeks was promoted to GM.  He took over 8454 shortly after it opened and quickly turned it into a training restaurant.  Eric has been a US Beef certified training manager and has received NCTR.  He has trained numerous shift, assistants and fast track GM's for region 5.  He has developed his own team including his GM replacement.  He has worked with our peer to peer program to help develop existing managers.  He was a quick decision to put him in the prime choice program as it was evident he would go far with US Beef! Along with accomplishing these goals he has continually stayed within the financial goals of the company.  Eric is great to work with and he is always looking for ways to develop himself.  We are excited to have him as part of our leadership team!

Great stuff!  Let's wish Eric well as he represents Class #2 in Kansas City!  

Be Proud

Be Humble

Be Helpful

Always Represent!