The First Promotion for Prime Choice Class 2!

Well....that didn't take very long!  

The day the GM Conference ended, Kurtis McKinney from Mountain Home, Arkansas in Region 6 got a phone call from his RDO, Janell Colbert.  Janell told him that she needed him to step up and serve R6 as a DM!!   

I've spoken with Kurtis a few times since he got the news and I can tell you that he is absolutely pumped, but laser-focused on the transition. 

Kurtis- You will do great my man.  I wish we could have worked together a little bit longer in Prime Choice so I could later take credit for all of the awesome things you are going to do, but R6 needs you now.

Go get 'em Kurtis!  Make your Prime Choice brothers and sisters proud.  You may not be a graduate, but you will always be one of us.  Lots of things will change as you grow into your new role, but my advice to you does not...

Be Proud
Be Humble
Be Helpful
Always Represent

Congrats buddy!


PS-  Alright Prime Choice...let's flood Kurtis with some encouragement and good vibes by filling up that comment box below!  Wish him luck!   And Kurtis, come back to the site from time to time and let us know how things are going!