Program Information and My First Vlog???!!

What in the world is a "vlog"? 

I think it is the video version of a blog, but I can't be sure.  :) 

What's up PC Class 2!!!???  Hope all is well!  Happy April Fools Day and Happy EOM!  Hope everybody crushed their financial goals for March.  Based on what I've seen, we are looking at a pretty strong month for GP. 

Anyway, click on the link below to watch a quick video (less than 7 min).  It covers:

  • 3 things that will be coming your way next week
  • Demo video showing you how to sign up for our 1:1 meeting the week of 18th.
  • A little bit on info on goal setting

On the News page I have posted the finalized regional conference call schedule.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR!

And you can click here to go to the Media page and watch the video...I mean my first vlog!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Be Proud, Be Humble, Be Helpful, Always Represent,