Congratulations Nathan Grosse!

Well candidates, we have our 2nd promotion from Class #2!  Nathan Grosse from Region 9 (NW Arkansas) officially became a district manager yesterday!  

His journey to the DM role is definitely not your typical career path.  Nathan served Region 9 as a DM several years ago until the opportunity to serve as the Catering Sales Manager presented itself.  He spent several years developing relationships with local businesses and groups while continuing to stay engaged with the restaurant catering teams.  

When our catering program closed up shop (through no fault of Nathan's...LOL), he took on an aggressive training regiment to get him caught back up to speed in operations.  He went through a modified version of MTP and was placed in the Bentonville, AR training store to help support the GM.  Not long after joining the team in Bentonville, he was given an opportunity to take over the restaurant as the GM.  This restaurant has been a challenge for years and although it has been stable at times, we have never been able to achieve a level of consistency.  

Nathan's impact was immediate and obvious.  Staffing improved, training was consistent and well done, and the overall operation improved significantly according to multi-unit leader. who conducted visits both before and after Nathan's arrival.   Nathan wasted no time training a GM replacement which allowed Director, Kim Jones, to pull the trigger.  

Nathan, your Prime Choice brothers and sisters are proud of you and wish you nothing but the best.  

Be Proud

Be Humble

Be Helpful

Always Represent

Alright candidates!  Use the comment box below to flood Nathan with good vibes and positivity as he takes on the DM role!

We are proud of you Nathan!  You will do great!  Don't be a stranger!