Transition Alert!!!

Congratulations to William Walker from Region 90-Taco Bueno!

While it is not technically a full-blown DM promotion, this is definitely worth celebrating!  William has switched from the Bueno side of US Beef to the Arby's side and has essentially entered the "Fast-Track DM Program".  

William has been instrumental to the success of the Buenos in NW Arkansas.  He has been the main trainer for Taco Bueno and he has supported several of the GMs in the area as well.  

William will go through a 6-week version of MTP and then he will go through a modified fast-track schedule that will ultimately end in him serving as a DM in 4-5 months in Region 9!

William has lived the US Beef Compass and Prime Choice Code every step of the way.  Since William will be dealing with a major transition, I've asked him to concentrate on his DM training which means he will no longer be in the program.  

William, I love the way you've stepped up and stepped out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals.  What you are doing is a very bold move and I love it!  Know that all of us are pulling for you and we're here to help you should you have any Arby's related questions along the way.  

Best of luck William and on behalf of the rest of the Prime Choice Candidates..."Welcome to Arby's!"

Be Proud

Be Humble

Be Helpful

Always Represent


Wish him luck gang!