Promotion Alert!!!

Congratulations to Brett Thomas from Region 1!

Brett Thomas, the GM of our Owasso North location, will be taking on the role of District Manager effective May 1st!    Brett came to us as a fast-track GM from McDonald's and it didn't take long for us to realize what a great leader we had in Brett.

For you trainers out there, Brett will be forever famous at US Beef as the "GoPro video guy" from MTP in Brand Ranch.  He actually wore the GoPro helmet while in training to help us create some training interactions in the eLearning version of MTP.  

He is the only GM the Owasso North location has ever known as it opened last summer, but he has a well prepared team ready to take the reins. 

Brett, we are proud of you and we know you will do great things at the next level. 

Be Proud

Be Humble

Be Helpful

Always Represent

Alright gang, use the comment box below to wish Brett luck!