Quick Update!

Been a while...

What's up candidates?!  I hope you all are doing well!  It's been a pretty crazy/amazing last 2 weeks for me.  Last week I was in Colorado Springs and Denver facilitating 4 separate Genesis classes and I did 4 more this week in Tulsa!  I definitely have the core values and strategic anchors memorized now.  :P  

I have heard from several of you regarding your Peer to Peer project.  From what I have heard, it sounds like this is providing a tremendous benefit to your peer, to their restaurant and to YOU!   Keep up the good work and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  

Couple of quick announcements.  First, 2 candidates have decided to remove themselves from the program.  They are both very high performing GMs and the decision to dropout was 100% their own.  Rena Washington (R1) and Roxie Williams (R3) have exemplified the Prime Choice Code from day 1 and we will miss them.  Best of luck ladies!!!

Region 7!  Busy week last week for the Prime Choice ladies of Region 7.  Both Molly McCune and Brande Taylor passed their training store certification, so they are now US Beef Certified Training Managers!  Great job ladies!  I know you've had you targets set on this for quite some time so congratulations to you and your teams!!!  Way to REPRESENT!


Prior to that, Mr. Nelson Caballeros in Denver nailed his certification which adds to the list of achievements for Prime Choice Class 2!  You all are on fire!  Who's next???!!!

More to come next week, including the first ever Prime Choice Candidate Challenge! Just wanted to send a quick update before the weekend hits!  Have a great day and remember, 

Be Proud, Be Humble, Be Helpful, and Always Represent