The Prime Choice Leadership Podcast is Here!

The first episode has been released.  You can find it under "Resources>Podcast" on this website or you can visit:

You can also access the podcast (and subscribe) on iTunes by clicking HERE!

I'm also posting a mini-link to it here, just in case...

In the first episode of the Prime Choice Leadership Podcast, we start with the 3 reasons why I'm doing this podcast.  We will also discuss the importance of taking action and how the delayed release of this podcast provides a solid example of what not to do.  Too often we become paralyzed by our own fears when it comes to tackling something new or overcoming a challenge.  It is my hope that this podcast can help you put things into perspective and encourage you to lead through ACTION!

I'm still learning how all of this works so if someone out there has any advice or recommendations, I'm all ears!  Use the comments field to let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoy!

Please send in your ideas on topics you want discussed on future episodes!

Have a great night!