Promotion Alert x 3!!!

What a way to finish off Prime Choice Class 2!  A trifecta of promotions to kick-off 2017!  Unreal!  


In order of promotion:

First, we have Dustin Spotila from Region 6, promoted to District Manager.    Dustin was instrumental in helping us get Peer to Peer established in the Prime Choice Program.  He was an active participant at all PC Events and we are very excited to see how Dustin can impact others at the next level!  If you are keeping track at home, both DMs in Region 6 were a part of Prime Choice Class 2.  First was Kurtis McKinney (our first promotion from Class 2) and now Dustin!  Truly representing in R6!

Second, we have Lanea Parker.  Lanea is no stranger to the spotlight.  That's because she was the very first US Beef restaurant to have the "Delight Line".  The Delight Line is a restaurant configuration designed by Arby's corporate (slightly modified by US Beef...of course).  Being the first meant her restaurant hosted a Regional Director's meeting and attracted ARG visitors from all over the country.  She took it all in stride and is now excited to serve Region 3 as their newest District Manager.  

Last, but certainly not least, we have Mr. Mark McCullohs, from Colorado Spring (Region 10). We now know him as "Smiley", his callsign from the Air Force.  Let's just say the the Air Force absolutely nailed it...At every event and through each interaction, he maintained a positive demeanor and his gift to make others feel good will serve him well as he steps up to DM.  No matter what happens at the next level Mark...keep smilin'!  

Well folks, that brings our promotion total up to 13 for Class #2 and I know we're not finished!  

Until next time...